Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Senaga Island

Posted by Masumi Tuha
, a small island in Tomigusuku City, is one of the places I frequently visit by car, bike, or running. It is also one of the places where my husband took me to when I visited Okinawa before we got married.

So, what are the attractions of this island?
I would say the main attraction is airplanes passing overhead. The island is located just south of Naha Airport, and many people go there to enjoy watching airplanes take off and land; they pass just above you! It is so impressive, and you will never get tired of watching them. You may also be amazed at how often airplanes come and go in Okinawa. During the busy hours in the morning and evening, it is not an exaggeration to say that you can see airplanes approaching and departing every few minutes.

Other people come here to enjoy wind surfing. It was quite windy the last time I visited the island, and I could see several windsurfers.

This island is also a good place to have a barbeque party in the summer time. Children can play in the park. There are also four baseball fields on this small island (the perimeter is 1.5 km)!

This is a rock where couples who wish to have a baby come to pray to be blessed with a newborn.

The shape of the original rock was different. There were two holes near the top of the rock. It is said that if you throw a stone, and it passes through the upper hole, you will have a baby boy; if it passes through the lower hole, you will have a baby girl.

Even though it was recently recreated without holes, it still seems to have a special power.
In the evening, a beautiful sunset over the horizon on the side of the rock romanticizes people.

Senaga Island is an island of love and happiness. I strongly recommend you visit.