Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Segway tour in Ishigaki

Riding a Segway is an amazing experience. It gently moves you
and keeps you balanced. Just step on and ride smoothly and almost silently away with a feeling of simple mobility and freedom!

A Segway Tour is a great way for you to enjoy a fun-filled park discovery program and is one of the recommended Ishigaki activities. 

Segway Tour in Banna Park ( Ishigakijima )
Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun, Public holiday
Times: 10am, 16pm
Cost: 8,000yen
(Minimum age for children is 16)
Duration: 90 minutes (+ 30 minutes practice)
Contact: Hirata Kanko

Monday, August 1, 2011

August calendar

The August calendar for you to download! Click and download the large size, enjoy : )
oh and in case you missed last month, you can find those on our flickr page!

August 2011


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1024×768  *   1280×800
1280×1024  *   1680×1050

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