Thursday, January 13, 2011

Macrobiotic Lunch in Naha, Okinawa

Posted by Masumi Tsuha

As many people know, Okinawan cuisine is healthy and tasty. But how about having a lunch without dairy products or meat once in a while?

The Arsoa café is located in Omoromachi, Naha, and offers hearty macrobiotic lunches from Thursday through Sunday. The menu includes Beauty Plate, Loco Moco, Detox Curry Plate and Organic Hamburger Plate, which do not contain dairy products or meat or fish. They use soy bean and gluten protein instead of “real” meat, and do not use white sugar.

The Beauty Plate changes weekly. As an example, the plate I had on the day I visited included: fresh salad, cooked sweet potatoes, simmered Okinawan carrots and daikon radish, tempe teriyaki, tofu with okra sauce, deep fried soy meat with green onion sauce, pasta with red shiso and black beans. The plate comes with a cup of soup, brown or white rice with coarse cereal, and organic tea or coffee or special blend tea.

Such a wide variety of ingredients will definitely satisfy your appetite. Mini soft ice cream made from soymilk is available for an additional 105 yen. It has a mild taste and is a perfect dessert to finish your healthy lunch. If you still have space left in your stomach, cake and soymilk smoothies are also available.

All of their hearty dishes are prepared by the sole chef, Keigo Uchimura. Keigo studied macrobiotic theory and cooking intensively in Yamanashi Prefecture four years ago and has been broadening his experience in cooking and teaching macrobiotic cuisine since then.

His warm smile and the friendly staff always sincerely welcome you and make you feel happy and at home.

4-17-31 Omoromachi, Naha
Tel: 098-988-1640
Lunch time: 11:30-16:30 (Thursday to Sunday)